Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Woman and Girls

University of Southampton


Photovoice with displaced Venezuelan women in Brazil: first thoughts on fieldwork activities

Arts-based methodologies are becoming increasingly popular within migration research, valued for their potential to traverse and transcend cultural, linguistic and academic borders; to facilitate more egalitarian research; and to provide richer and multi-layered data regarding the lived experiences of people on the move (O’Neill, 2011; Oliveira, 2019; Jeffery et al, 2019). Keen to involve migrant […]

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Police brutally killed Victoria Salazar: how are feminists representing her death in a dignified way?

  The police killed Victoria Salazar in Tulum, Mexico, on 27 March 2021, in a very brutal and very public way. Victoria, like many other Central American migrant and refugee women, fled her home country El Salvador precisely because of violence. This just adds to the tragic nature of her killing. The case has made […]

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The Quintana Roo sit-in represents a historic step towards legalisation of abortion in Mexico

The Quintana Roo Feminist Network’s 94-day sit-in at the State Congress recently came to an end after legislators agreed to hold a vote on legalisation of abortion. Although that vote was lost, the decision will allow the movement to take the fight to the Supreme Court, which could have major ramifications for sexual and reproductive […]

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Protecting Migrants or Reversing Migration? COVID-19 and the risks of a protracted crisis in Latin America

CONTEXT: MIGRANTS AFFECTED DISPROPORTIONATELY BY COVID-19 ACROSS LATIN AMERICA   Central and South American countries have experienced an unprecedented flow of refugees and migrants with an estimated 5 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants and half a million from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras fleeing to neighbouring countries since 2015 (1,2). Forced migration in these countries is […]

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A Covid-19 ameaça a saúde e os direitos de mulheres e meninas migrantes na América Latina

As emergências sanitárias exacerbam quase todas as formas de injustiça social no Sul Global. Preconceitos estatais, falhas de governança e respostas políticas inadequadas e inapropriadas deixam legados que podem ser tão graves quanto a própria doença. Em situações de crise, o fornecimento de serviços públicos e o acesso a serviços de saúde e de bem-estar […]

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La Covid-19 amenaza a las mujeres y niñas migrantes en América Latina

Las emergencias sanitarias exacerban casi todas las formas de injusticia social en el Sur Global. Los prejuicios estatales, las fallas de gobernanza y las respuestas políticas inadecuadas e inapropiadas dejan legados que pueden ser tan graves como la enfermedad misma. En situaciones de crisis, la provisión de servicios públicos y el acceso a los servicios […]

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Displaced women and girls in Latin America threatened by COVID-19

Health emergencies exacerbate almost every form of social injustice in the global South. State biases, governance failures and inadequate and inappropriate policy responses leave legacies that can be as bad as the disease itself. In situations of crisis, public service provision and access to health and welfare services can rapidly deteriorate. The impacts are greatest […]

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