Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Women and Girls

University of Southampton

Andrew ‘Amos’ Channon

southampton Andrew ‘Amos’ Channon

Andrew ‘Amos’ Channon is an Associate Professor of Demography in the Department of Social Statistics and Demography. His broad area of research is access to healthcare in low and middle incomes countries, studying the inequalities between population groups and focusing on groups that are being left behind. The main focus of his research is women and children, understanding inequalities in maternal and child health and healthcare, alongside people with disabilities. He is a quantitative researcher, using qualitative research when statistics do not portray the full picture of a situation.

Amos has published in a wide range of journals on a range of topics, and is currently co-leading a MRC/Newton Funded project (with the Brazilian funder, CONFAP) studying the feasibility of an intervention in two states of Brazil to improve knowledge of the health system by women and communities as well as improving access to services through a rights based intervention, using Community Health Workers as the catalyst for change, EU QUERO. He is also involved in a GCRF project on prostheses in Cambodia, working with an international NGO to understand inequalities in treatment at clinics that fit and repair prostheses.

On the REGHID project Amos will be working on the surveys, especially focusing on the survey in El Salvador that aims to capture the sexual and reproductive health and rights on women who have returned to the country after displacement. He will also be conducting secondary analyses of data from the region to understand further about migration, gender and access to health care for sexual and reproductive health.