Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Women and Girls

University of Southampton


Reflections on Gender and Migration Governance In the Context of South-South Displacement

In this video, Dr Natalia Cintra answers some questions about migration, refugees, gender and poverty, especially involving contexts and realities about South-South migration in Latin America.


Migration governance and development: reflections on gender and South-South displacement

In this interview with Pía Riggirozzi, Professor of Global Politics at the University of Southampton, England, we reflect on the nexus between migration, gender and health, as well as on the governance conditions necessary to respond to the challenges faced by women and girls in South-South migration corridors.


The making of the AGAPE guide

In this video our Colombian partners, explain the making of the AGAPE guide, a collaborative methodology which aims to raise awareness amongst the the migrant population in Colombia about their in Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.